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Manage your recruitments mission by mission, supervise your consultants thanks to visual running and customizable.
Interface yourself with your clients with no limitation so you can follow the interview at the same time as they are and increase their awareness to time's handling

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Qameha is, for recruitment's office, free up to 2 users. Contact us

"A tool realised by human resources specialists"

  • Incoming CV are automatically resgistered and affected to the relative mission,
  • An effective tool of database's search (codes and texts research),
  • Information is shared in real-time with the customer
  • The applicants selection is eased thanks to a easy reading on the screen,
  • Database is fulled in an aided input mode,
  • Applicants history and appraisals are quickly accessible
  • The answer for applicants are automatical or suggested according to the case,
  • Managment have analysis tools, warnings and summary,
  • Supports' efficiency (jobboards, schools…) is pointed out

Open_quote_light Qameha is a complete solution about recruitments managment made and realised by operatives of Human Resources. Close_quote_light

Hubert Group

"Get the benefits from a web application"


  • Data are encrypted.
  • Saves are done each day, made on distincts servers
  • Servers are based in Europe (respect the CNIL's commitments)


  • Data are yours and can be pull out in only one click
  • Saas mode gave you the possibility to access at any time and anywhere you have an internet connexion
  • The number of users is not limited


  • No software, no installation, no training necessary
  • Qameha's well-known ergonomy offers a great ease of use
  • 'Bubles's infos' guide the user during his firsts steps