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Qameha Evaluation manage appraisal's survey of your employees on all your sites. With Qameha Evaluation's module, transform a duty to an objective' managment tool ! Quickly assess all of your employee and spare your time.

Simplify your appraisal's survey, generate statistics on the number of employees estimated on each site and categories of population, identify your « best 10 % », spread everywhere managment's culture by objectives evaluating more often your employees, guarantee concerned persons only the access to evaluations.

"A tool realised by human resources specialists"

  • Your survey in three steps : Validaton of teams cmposition by managers
  • Send of the appraisal form corresponding to his category to each employee,
  • Auto-evaluation and then evaluation by the manager / the project's managers
  • Automation of operatives's follow-up,
  • Reminder of objectives to reach and obtained results
  • Creation of statistics
  • Secure filling and guarantee of apparaisals,
  • Control of access's rights to files
  • Electronic signature of the manager and the employee

Open_quote_light Qameha is a complete solution about recruitments managment made and realised by operatives of Human Resources. Close_quote_light

"Get the benefits from a web application"


  • Data are encrypted.
  • Saves are done each day, made on distincts servers
  • Servers are based in Europe (respect the CNIL's commitments)


  • Data are yours and can be pull out in only one click
  • Saas mode gave you the possibility to access at any time and anywhere you have an internet connexion
  • The number of users is not limited


  • No software, no installation, no training necessary
  • Qameha's well-known ergonomy offers a great ease of use
  • 'Bubles's infos' guide the user during his firsts steps