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The investigation : The Human resources's performance

What leverages are at his disposal ?


Does the human resources manager has ways to fill out his office ?


What are his difficulties ?


What are his objectives and needs ?


In order to answer to these questions, we lead an investigation carried out among 400 target contacts DG, DRH, DAF within firms of any size.

A feedback of 25 % confirm the interest of our contacts for the dealed-subject


Anwsers allow us to point out some trends on practices of managment of human resources's performance, means at leadership and DRH disposal, their main difficulties and wishes of improvement.


Differences of opinions link to the position in the firm (DG, RH or other member of the firm executive committee) strongly appear for many questions link to stake, difficulties or wishes perception

>>   Download Qameha's investigation






>>   Download Qameha's investigation

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