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Hire the right people faster
at a lower cost

Qameha is the organic supply chain of your recruitment process

Define the job, setup the team, track and select candidates,
interview, assess and integrate


Manage recruitment from job's definition to the applicant integration. Participative, Qameha involve opratives, automatise the follow-up et spare time in every steps.
  • Structured
  • Fast-paced
  • Process Driven


Answer to duties and social obligations and deploy objectives of managment. Qameha évaluations automatise follow-up of operatives and generate appraisal's statistics. More


Link skills, aspirations, needs to give sens to appraisals, give a sens of responsability to managers and ease mobility. More

Open_quote Qameha permit to manage the whole recruitments in our environment multi-sites with the reactivity that we need, offering the right level of information to every level of responsability Close_quote

Philippe Boudard,
DRH Groupe Hubert
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Qameha is a tool wich is simple to integrate and to deploy that permit to mark out, to simplify, to fluidize and to secure the application managment